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Ticket City Brokers out of Austin Texas are irresponsible price gougers that misrepresent every facet of the event that they are selling.

They charged me $375 per ticket for 3 tickets to the rose bowl that i paid for one month in advance of the event.

when I couldn't go because my flight was cancelled they couldn't even resell the same tickets for $150.

I am filing complaints with NY atty general, Texas atty general, Better Business Bureau among OTHERS.

DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THESE THIEVES BEWARE the salespeople that work for this company come off like real nice people trying to help you out. this attitude abruptly changes when you pay for the tickets. In my case the tickets that i purchased for $375 were available via ticket master on the day that i bough them for $145.00

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You made the choice to purchase tickets at a higher price in advance. How is it ticketcity's fault that you couldn't get to the event you willingly bought tickets for?

The fact that you could buy them cheaper from a different source is not at all related to the fact that you chose to buy tickets from them for $375. I'm just browsing around reading people's experiences and trying to decide whether to order anything from them, and if all complaints are like this then it sounds like they're probably doing good business.


I also got scammed by these rip off artists. Don't buy ANYTHING from them.

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